Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Our Newest Range of Blackboards

At Moores, we are very excited to announce our latest range of blackboards now available to buy online.

The Scribble Range is perfect for kids and adults alike – great for brightening up your home and making the place a little more fun!

The alphabet scribble board is perfect for younger children – perhaps you could use it to distract them while waiting for their dinner or as a fun educational tool. The board can either be hung on the wall or used around the house depending on how you prefer.

The fairy or football boards are great for kids’ bedrooms where they can either plan out their football team’s strategy or create stories.

If you’re looking for a blackboard for your bakery or cafĂ©, then the gingerbread blackboard could be ideal – great for displaying your daily menu, special offers or announcements.

All the Scribble blackboards can be easily cleaned to be used over and over again and are all priced at £9.99 including VAT.

Visit our website for more information: www.boards4u.co.uk

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