Friday, 12 October 2012

How to use whiteboards in the home

More and more people are beginning to use blackboards and pin boards in their homes, but what about the whiteboard? Whiteboards are more commonly associated with schools and colleges but they are equally as useful and twice as stylish when used at home. Here are some of our favourite home decorating ideas with whiteboards.

Whiteboards come in handy in the kitchen. Blackboards are probably the most popular types of notice board when it comes to the kitchen especially since the rise of country-chic and retro styles, but whiteboards are more effective in a modern kitchen. A magnetic whiteboard acts in a similar way to your fridge and gives you a place to pin-up receipts, notes and things you need to keep track of, but you can also draw on them. For example you might like to write a handy note to say ‘pay this on Tuesday’ for a bill that needs paying, or a reminder to your kids to take reply slips back in to school.

With your kitchen whiteboard you can also write out recipes and shopping lists so that you don’t forget them – I always find it’s best to write them down while you’re still in the kitchen!

Younger children will really benefit from having a whiteboard in the house or in their bedroom. Whiteboards are a safe and cost effective way for your kids to be creative. Drawing on paper means buying printed colouring books or reams of paper and while there is a place for this, sometimes it’s nice for your kids to be able to draw something, wipe it away and start again on something new. They can also use the whiteboard to make-believe at being teacher!

Older kids can also enjoy a whiteboard in their bedroom whether it be to help with their homework or simply pin-up pictures of their friends and the latest crazes. Whiteboards don’t have to be white either! There are a great range of coloured dry-wipe boards that will suit any teenager’s room.

Finally, whiteboards are of course ideal for your home office or study. If you work from home or if you have a study area for older children to work in then a whiteboard is incredibly handy. Running a business from home can be tricky but a whiteboard will help to make the space feel more professional and give you an area to write out or pin up important notices and targets. You can also buy  notice boards that are half dry-wipe and half cork board – these are particularly popular in offices.

As you can see, whiteboards definitely have a place in the home. Why not see how a whiteboard could benefit your household?

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