Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Notice Boards For Kids

Blackboards and notice boards are great for kids. There are so many colours, shapes and materials available that there will be sure to be something to a child of any age – even fussy teenagers!

We all know that kids love to put things up on the wall. Whether it’s a drawing they’re particularly proud of or an award they’ve won, there is always something that needs to be pride of place. A notice board saves your walls from endless sticky-tac and tape and means that your children can change what’s on their walls as often as they like.

Sundeala make a great range of fun notice boards for kids. All of their boards are made from recycled materials making them ideal for the eco-conscious among us. From hexagonal, pastel-coloured boards that can be tessellated together to fill spaces of any size, to boards in the shapes of teddy bears, trains and rabbits these boards are great for younger children.

For older children, there are slightly more sophisticated boards available but with a fun twist. Cork and felt notice boards are available in a range of colours from reds, greens and blues to shocking pink! You could also buy a plainer cork board but get some funky pins instead.

Finally, getting a notice board for your kids can help to keep them a little bit more organised! You can leave helpful reminders on a whiteboard or dry wipe board, and attached school reports, forms and receipts that they should be keeping a hold of.

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