Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Top Blackboards For Restaurants, Bars and Pubs

Pubs are renowned for having blackboards in them, so here are Moores Message Boards top 4 blackboards for the catering and hospitality industry:

1. A Frame
A Frame blackboards are great for pubs. They stand outside and are a fantastic opportunity to encourage punters to come in and spend some time in your pub. For cafes and restaurants, use the boards to advertise your specials for the day, or even perhaps employ a chalkboard writer to draw some nice illustrations of cakes, tea or juices depending on what you offer.

2. Wall
Wall blackboards are of course the most obvious choice. Whether you want to use a wall blackboard to keep track of the darts score, advertise events that are coming up or just to write a friendly, welcoming message, there is still a range you can choose from. Antique-style framed boards are particularly popular in old-style pubs as they add to the warm and country-feel. But you can also buy chrome-framed blackboards that are great for trendier establishments, or even brightly framed boards.

3. Tabletop
Tabletop chalkboards are perfect for your cross-sell or up-sell. Advertise your soup of the day, coffee list, or your dessert menu so that while your guests have made their main order, they can’t help but be tempted by something else!

Tabletop chalkboards often come in a range of colours other than black, including blue, green and red.

4. Easel
Easel blackboards are great for having inside your establishment. Many restaurants use them to ask people to wait until seated when they can’t always have a member of staff at the door. You might also like to leave  a snippet of your menu so that while guests wait, they can whet their appetite.
The blackboard is such a useful tool in the catering world – which boards do you prefer to use?

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