Friday, 10 February 2012

Using Notice Boards In Your Home

Decorating your home is brilliant fun. It gives you the opportunity to put your stamp on a house, making it comfortable for you to live in. No two homes are the same. Some are modern and minimalistic, others are cosy and cluttered – each one is personal to the individual.

A notice board can not only be a useful accessory to have in the home, but also a decorative one. Gone are the days of a simple royal-blue felt notice board or a plain pine-framed whiteboard – there are some brilliant designs out there that will suit any person or home.

There has been a rise in popularity of kitchen notice boards recently, especially with the rise of Country-Chic d├ęcor. From small wall-hanging blackboards in the shape of hearts, to large whiteboards with images on – there is something for everyone. You can even buy blackboard paint that can be used to transform an entire wall into a blackboard – some upmarket and modern restaurants have used this to their advantage to display their menus and latest offers. You could even let customers leave comments about their meal on there – as long as they’ve enjoyed it!

Many families find it helpful to have a notice board somewhere central in the house – perhaps where school timetables, calendars, important notes or receipts can be kept out of the way. When your life is hectic, a notice board can be very useful for keeping a little bit of calm – if in doubt, check the notice board.

Notice boards are fantastic for kids’ bedrooms. There are so many materials that they can be made from in a range of different colours and shapes. They are perfect for young and older children alike and great for trying to organise them a little bit! There are pin boards in the shape of trains, teddies or cats and in bright colours too.  A notice board is a great way to help your children express themselves and have a creative area that is their own.

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