Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Promotional Blackboards

Whatever type of business you run, you need to market it correctly or no one will know you exist. From newspaper advertisements, to emails and online advertising, there are a range of marketing options that can be used depending on your company aims and industry.

For the food and drink industry, blackboards can be a surprisingly good way of marketing your product or brand to a relevant audience.

Think of your average local pub and you will almost definitely see a blackboard in there somewhere! Whether it’s to advertise their desert menu, show off their latest offers or sitting outside drawing punters in off the street, there is an opportunity to get your brand on there. There are two ways of doing this, offer a discounted rate to the pubs on your product in exchange for providing them with branded, promotional blackboards that can be used throughout their establishment, or pay them a monthly fee to have them in. Even if you’re not an alcohol retailer or supplier, you should still consider whether a pub might be the right place to promote your product.

Studies have shown that blackboards are actually better advertisements than posters. This is because people see posters every day and sub-consciously expect that they might be out of date, and that they are selling to them so sometimes just ignore them. The information on a blackboard is far more likely to change in a regular basis so people are more likely to check back time and time again – and they will see your branding each time they do. Studies have shown that on average someone has to see a piece of information 21 times before they actually remember it in their conscious brain!

Blackboard art has been on the rise in recent years with a graffiti-like style spreading around the world, especially in the USA. Think about how you can get your promotional blackboard to stand out and become memorable.

Promotional blackboards could also be used at football matches and other sporting venues where your products are served, corner shops, mobile food vendors, restaurants and even on the high street.

While promotional blackboards may not bring a direct return on investment as some forms of advertising do, it is fantastic for brand awareness, getting people to remember you.

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