Thursday, 28 June 2012

Happy Birthday Moores Message Boards!

At Moores Message Boards this month it’s not just our birthday, but our 35th birthday! Yes, 35 years ago this month Moores of Stalham as it was known then opened its doors and started manufacturing notice boards. It wasn’t until a few years down the line that we noticed that our range of blackboards were becoming ever popular and since then we have turned most of our attention that way, manufacturing  thousands of blackboards every year.

One of our most exciting moments in our history came in 2005 where we were the first to develop the Sudoku magnetic notice board. This product was so successful that demand soon exceeded supply and our team far exceeded expectations to get everything delivered at Christmas.

In 2007 we re-launched as Moores Message Boards and haven’t looked back since.

As a UK based company, we have seen the demise of many fantastic British manufacturers, factories and workshops as more and more work is outsourced to developing countries. But we are proud to support local workers and continue to process new business orders every day.

So from everyone at Moores, thank you for supporting us over the past 35 years, and here’s to the next 35!

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